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07-17-2010, 13:21
I have a new PM9. Just came back from the range. I put 125 rounds through it and it ran flawlessly. One thing on the gun that does not look right. There is a gap between the slide and the frame from the slide release going forward of about .06 inches. It is very noticeble looking at the gun - you can see a lot of light all the way under the slide if you backlight it. Is this normal?

07-17-2010, 15:34
Well mine has it and all others I have seen also have this gap.

Lotsa Glocks
07-17-2010, 19:18
Whew! You had me worried that you fed .45 GAP ammo into your PM 9. :wow:

The 3 auto loaders that I have also show light between the frame and the slide so I believe you are good to go.