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07-17-2010, 20:59
While at the range today, I found that the front sight on my Kahr PM9 is very loose. It is one of the early models with the factory fixed sights. Should I take this opportunity to upgrade the sights? If so, suggestions?

1. XS Big Dot
2. Other night sights - which one?
3. Just loctite it back in place
4. Send back to Kahr

07-18-2010, 14:04
I would call KAHR and see what they say first. They may have you send

the slide back on their dime? Sometimes they upgrade your sights for free

or at least you could have the install what sight you want on it. NS/FO

I like Mepros best for the money and only the front. If not a carry

gun then any sight should work. FO is great for targets/range work,

but IMO NS's always for carry guns. Good luck


07-18-2010, 18:52
Kahr offers some very attractive prices on several types of sights. I would have them do the installation too. See

07-18-2010, 19:01
This is a carry gun. So, I will want to upgrade to night sights. I'll give them a call tomorrow.