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bushytail man
07-20-2010, 05:17
I have a 2 letter prefix (1989) model 19 that occasionally fails to fire. It will dent the primer but not detonate the shell.
I would appreciate any advice on what parts to buy that may fix this problem. The pistol was updated by Glock years ago.
I am really thinking of replacing everything in the slide. Is this worth the cost or is the money better spent on a new 19? This pistol is in very good condition otherwisw. Thanks to all.

07-20-2010, 12:32
I suspect the FTF issue is most likely ammunition related.
1 If you are shooting factory ammo you will be able to isolate the problem quickly.
2 If you are shooting reloads I would watch for high primers (before shooting). When the striker hits a high primer it has enough power to (finish) seat the primer but not enough to detonate.

If neither of the above prove to be true I would visually check the firing pin spade for wear or damage. If it appears to be in good shape you are good to go. If it is damaged in any way you need to replace it. I recommend you contact Glock Inc. They will have a record regarding the upgrade history of this pistol. If it has not been upgraded they will do it free of charge.

bushytail man
07-21-2010, 11:19
It has failed to fire using Norinco fmj (hot stuff and super accurate in Glocks). However, it has done it with other ammo too. When I recycle the round back into the chamber for another try, it detonates the second time around.

It really should fire all the time IMHO! Google up misfires with Glocks and a lot of information is available about the same experience as I have had.

Would a stronger firing pin spring help? What should be replaced in the slide?

I had it with Glock service, didn't seem to help. What to do?

07-21-2010, 12:47
The Norinco ammo may be using a harder primer. If so, this is what happens: The first strike dents the primer cup closer to the anvil. When the FTF cartridge is rechambered the second strike will detonate.

Standard issue Glock pistols have a 5lb striker spring. We carry Wolff striker springs and yes they are available with increased power. If you want to continue shooting this ammunition I recommend you go with the 6lb striker spring.

See the Wolff 4 lb striker spring here Great for light trigger jobs
See the Wolff 6 lb striker spring here Great for hard primers