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07-21-2010, 14:55
In non-reciprocity states, what form of self defense aside from avoidance do you recommend? Even my EDC Knife, SOG Trident Tanto, is not legal for many places outside of Florida. If you are running from an attacker, would it not be more prudent to run in a zig zag or even unpredictable pattern to avoid being shot (versus a straight line)? What about improvised weapons such as large stone in a pocket or other potential projectile? What about noise making devices for bringing attention to the situation? Lastly, what do you recommend for a tactical light for the purposes of blinding an assailant to escape? Is there a recommended lumen brightness for that purpose?

Mas Ayoob
07-22-2010, 02:38
First, remember that some non-reciprocity states do offer non-resident avenue worth exploring. Knives? There's no state in the US where you can't carry at least a 2.5" folder...but you REALLY want the training to go with it. Trying to outrun bullets is rarely a good strategy. I carry a small, powerful SureFire, but see its defensive light capability as more distracting to an opponent than disabling. You'll find lots of good flashlight info at Finally, a good four hour course with Tak Kubota's Kubotan is always an excellent investment for any responsible member of the family.