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View Full Version : I Bought an Emerson knife made in 2001

Peoples Elmo
07-21-2010, 19:52
I bought it off a friend of mine who inherited it from his uncle. its in very good condition and didnt appear to have ever been used. I paid $40 for it because it seemed to be of great quality and i felt it was worth the money
can anyone identify what model it is and how much it went for new?

Ernest Emerson
07-22-2010, 11:12
Dear Peoples Elmo,

That is an Emerson Mach 1. It originally sold for around $240.00. Enjoy the knife.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

Peoples Elmo
07-22-2010, 19:40
well looks like i bagged a nice one. thanks for the help