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07-22-2010, 17:03
I have a Scherer 3.5# connector in with the NY1 spring I received today from you folks(It went in really easy).
My question is,are your LWD connectors better than the Scherer ones,would I notice any difference.
The trigger pull is the same all the way through and I kind of like it.

07-26-2010, 20:18
When we introduced our own connector we ran side by side tests against all available. We invited hundreds of shooters to lay it on the line and pick a winner.
We won tons of fame by elated shooters! We even had a few bad reviews and basically ended up starting several arguments in a lot of chat rooms. After all the smoke cleared, I basically figure all the connectors are good. Its hard to find a bad one. Even if you did find a bad one the manufacture will replace it with a good one .... So there you are!