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chuck pullen
07-23-2010, 16:37
Last week I was looking for opinions on a Remington 1100 for HD backup. Well, after thinking it over, I went conservative and got the shotgun I really wanted. It is a 1976 mfg'd Wingmaster with a 26" barrel, nice bluing and really pretty walnut furniture with fleur de lis checkering. It is really good-looking and very smooth. I plan to buy a Mossberg mfg'd 870 replacement barrel at 18.5" with a bead sight. I also plan to buy a Remington +2 mag extension b/c they make them blued, which would match. First though, I want to shoot it this weekend as is. Three questions:

1) Are the Mossberg mfg'd Remington replacement barrels blued nicely?

2) Any suggestions on the mag extension?

3) Will the +2 mag extension exceed the length of the 18.5 barrel?

Thanks for any tips or thoughts.

Chuck Pullen

07-23-2010, 18:25
hm all i can answer is the mag extension question.. it should be dead even with the bbl

07-23-2010, 23:25
I have a 1977 Wingmaster with 18" barrel and mag extension. The mag extension is longer than the barrel by about 1/2".

I don't like the mag extension. I will probably remove it and go back to the orignal configuration. I feel it ruins the handling of the gun.