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07-24-2010, 11:32
I have two Eotechs 511 and 516 and am at the point I would like to have some extra batteries on hand. I need N and CR123A batteries and have a few questions. I have not found very definitive answers with other sources.

1) Does brand matter much? I planned on going name brand Energizer and Duracell but not sure how much it matters. Unless we have complete break down of world order the AR and Eotech and not life or death tools for me.

2) Is buying in bulk a good idea? I am not sure how long the shelf life will be on the batteries. Options are pick up a few local or order 20-30 batteries of each type online. I like having a good number on hand for most gun related stuff but I don't want them to become worthless while sitting on the shelf. I do also have numerous Surefire lights flashlights that take 123s so they will get used for more then just in the Eotech.

3) Is it recommended to leave the batteries in the Eotech when not in use or pull them out? The ARs with the Eotech are not generally for home defense. Most use is range and 3-Gun matches probably about 10 hours a month of continuous use.

07-26-2010, 06:58
Silver oxide batteries N series shelf life is from 8-10 years 123s Lithium can range from 6-8 years depending on manufacturer. The better brand names do tend to last longer. if the weapon is not your primary or secondary defensive firearm I would pull the batteries out. after use for storage no use having them in their posibly draining depending on E-T model and make or worse leaking or exploding inside the battery compartment due to over heating or other issues.