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High Altitude
07-25-2010, 03:08
I really need to replace the sights on one of my glock 19 and want to try something different. I use it for CCW and shoot the occasional IDPA match. I am going to try a set of all black sights figuring I could always swap out the front sight if needed.

For those that use warren/sevigny sights........

Which do you prefer, the regular warren tactical sights or the sevigny carry/competition sights?

08-02-2010, 10:25
I have the Sevigny Carry Warren sights with Tritium lamps (two-dot, Straight Eight style, green front with yellow rear), and am quite happy with them. BRIGHT green front with dim yellow rear (plenty bright to see, but not bright enough to distract they eye from the green front). Sights are pretty durable, but suffered a VERY minor ding on a corner due to a drop to a hard surface. The shape of the rear sight makes it easy to use the rear sight against your belt or a table corner for one-handed slide manipulations, too. On my G32, the sights are rather low up close, but theyre dead on at 25 yards. I have had to learn to shoot out of the notch up close with them, but I have adjusted pretty quickly.

08-04-2010, 22:31
I prefer the Warren Tactical Sights even on my competition guns. I like the sculpted sides as I can see targets better in transitions. I use a front fiber optic.

For self defense and IDPA a black rear and front night sight would also be a good combination.

The yellow rears look good as you can train yourself to find the front green, but I prefer a black rear with some type of high vis. front sight.

At seven yards and under you can usually hit well with just the front sight on the target if your grip is consistant. Too many dots confuses me. YMMV

We are all different, so try to look at or shoot the various combinations to see what is best for you.

08-18-2010, 17:48
I two pistols with Warren Tacticals, but I haven't tried the Sevignies. However, I use a Heinie front sight with tritium. Heinie was the only company I could find that makes a tritiated, serrated front sight. This combination works well for me.

08-26-2010, 13:18
I prefer the Sevigny variants for my competition G34 and my competition backup / part-time carry G19.