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Orion's Belt
07-25-2010, 17:58
I've been looking at SRKs for a little while now. Does anyone have experience with the SRK since they started using AUS-8? I have no doubt that the Carbon V blades are excellent, but finding one of them is tough. Before I spring for an SRK I'd like some input on the SRK with AUS-8.

07-25-2010, 20:12
I have an SRK in AUS8. Its my second favorite knife after the Gerber Prodigy (I don't know exactly why I like the GP so much).

SRK comes with a wicket edge, but the santoprene handle wears a little from contact with the sheath--no problems yet, but something to watch out for. I've had mine for 2yrs.

Its easy to sharpen, holds its edge well, and is just about corrosion proof--its also very well balanced. It takes a smooth edge--not toothy like VG-10 or a carbon steel would.

EDIT: On the AUS-8; AUS8 is a good steel--pretty much what I would consider the standard of mid line quality knives. The SRK blades are made in Japan and the heat treatment appears to be top notch because it seems to perform on par with my Ontario 1095 blades. Carbon 5 is going to be better and definitely more resistant to chipping--but rusts like no other.

Get it!