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07-25-2010, 18:13
I bought 3 Mags from CDNN
1) Glock 33rd mag
2) Korean 33rd mag
3) Korean 17rd Mag (KCI)
I have 3 - 15rd Glock mags for my G-19
Filled all mags with 115gr FMJ
Shot one of my 15rd Glock mag (worked perfect)
Shot the Korean 17rd Mag (KCI)-(worked perfect)
Shot the 33rd Glock mag (worked perfect)
Shot the Korean 33rd mag (worked perfect) But I only got 30-31 rds in the mag - Is that correct?
Shot my other 2 - 15rd Glock mag (worked perfect)
I would not hesitate to use the Korean mags for practice...
They are cheap enough to use for practice and keep your Glock mags for PD use.

07-25-2010, 20:14
The Korean (KCI) mags work excellent in most Glock pistols. They are known to stick in a few models. Unfortunately you will have to verify each gun to know for sure.
Many Glock mags, factory & aftermarket, have a problem with magazine capacity. They all usually accept the full load after a few times