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07-25-2010, 21:22
Apologies, did a search and did not find anything directly related to this question.

Hello experts,

I have some +2 extensions and can never seem to get 17 in the mag when I use the stock spring plate. If I take the spring plate out I can get those two rounds in. The question is, do I need to have the stock mag base plate in the mag whilst using the +2 mag extension?


07-25-2010, 21:38
Remove the plate & the ronnds will fill.... like magic

07-25-2010, 21:46
Thanks JR!

I realize I used the wrong terminology in my post above -- the part I am talking about is the 'magazine insert'.

I compared side-to-side play in the spring while it was in the magazine insert, the spring in just the stock base plate and the spring in just the +2 base plate and the +2 extension appears to keep play to a minimum, similar to the spring when it's held by the magazine insert.

Thanks again


07-25-2010, 21:47
Yep... figured it right off.
Good shootin!