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07-26-2010, 06:50
mga bogs tanung ko lang tungkol sa revolver rules in ipsc

1. when shooting in a stage and suddenly nag dud yung bala mo and you just go shoot the next target will you get penalized for fte for that target? kailangan ba talaga na may pumutok na bala galing sa baril mo for you not to be called sa failure to engage.

2. in starts that require gun empty no chamber load (gun on table) does the gun have to have the cylinder closed or can you just open the cylinder while the gun is resting on the table?

pasensya na mukhang wala masyado nag shoot revolver dito sa amin.

3. anu nga pala ibig sabihin ng mga numbers sa model ng smith and wesson?
625-8? alam ko its a model 625 but what about the -8? i cant find any material on the net that points out to a -8. regalo lang kasi itong revolver ko sa akin.

07-26-2010, 07:20
Hi Jawel,

Hope this helps.

1) I think you have to fire at least 1 round or its considered to be an FTE
To prevent duds, ask your reloader to fully seat the primer, preferably .005-.007" below flush. this will allow you to lower your trigger pull to
8lbs firing reliably with CCI primers, Reduced power mainspring kits are available at twin pines for around P1200 which includes 3 rebounds springs
2) You have to clarify that with the RO, some ROs allow that, you can try closing the cylinder but not fully locked so when you pick it up its already open :supergrin:
3) Smith & wesson revolvers with a "6" Prefix means its constructed of stainess steel. 25 is the model number, which means its chambered for .45 ammunition, -8 is the series number, the higher the number means its the most recent series.

Buy lots of moonclips, for starters you only a plier to clip the ammo, unclipping can be done by a DIY tool which can be easily done with a piece of pipe.
If you want to invest in a high quality moonclip tool, i recommend this one

If you want to try revo division, just PM me and our group would be more than happy to help you out in your 1st revo match. :supergrin:

07-26-2010, 07:41
wow that was quick zen! thank you...

okay na ako sa moon clips, 600 rounds of empty shells and still a lot of empty moon clips, yung nag bigay nung revo sinamahan na din nya along with the moonclip tool from your link :D

hirap nga lang talaga mag adjust from a 2.0 lbs trigger pull sa standard to a revo, i guess yan ang sunod kalikutin ko yung springs nya.

thanks for the primer setting tip.

ang hirap!!! lagi ako flinch, hehehe. do you just pull the trigger in one swift motion or divide it into 2 stages? what i mean is taking the slack of first and making sure of the front sight before you actually break the trigger?

also tips naman dyan on speedy reloads, kahit ilang ulit ko panuodin si jm sa reloads nya ay feeling ko i cant really get it, ang bilis nya masyado kahit slomo.

you shoot in manila? sayang im here in cdo but when i go there sana maka timing ako na may shoot kayo para maka panuod ako

another question is how do you load your bullets? primer, powder bullet height and the weight of your heads? parang standard na 1911 lang din ba? mas okay ba kung shorter ang oal nya?


07-26-2010, 20:57
Hi Jawel,

On far targets you need to stage your trigger, pull it just before the sear releases, then break the shot once you double checked your sights. this way your sights are properly aligned. on near targets, its just like shooting your glock. :supergrin:

If you shoot minor, use 200gr heads. use 230gr heads for major loads. some shooters use 1.275" OAL for a more smoother recoil, since there's less space for the bullet head to jump to the forcing cone, but i prefer standard pistol loads of 1.25" OAL. some people go as low as 1.23", i've shot 1.1" before without any accuracy problems.

I think i've watched JM's reload sa youtube maybe 200x (conservative estimate), you need a lot of dry fire to master your reload technique, different people have different styles of doing their reload, really depends on your preference.

Yup, dito kami Manila. but i do go to CDO once a year to visit relatives, maybe we could meet up one time. I think the nearest revo shooter to you is from Bohol.

07-27-2010, 06:12
Very well said Zen!

Welcome to the wheelgunners' world Jawel. I'm based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol and one of the 3 revo shooters in this island to date.

Like you, I used to shoot Standard Single Stack but now I'm a revo-convert. and I loved it ever since. Revo shooting is indeed an acquired taste. Notice the grace and choreography whenever you run a course. Iba talaga ang diskarte ng all time six rounder hehehe.

And one thing more, Revo shooters are the friendliest in the shooting community. I experienced that first hand during last years AustralAsia Shoot at Clark. Sooner or later, you'll get more tips and inputs from fellow revo shooter in this forum.

Zen reloads ala JM. I do a weak hand reload. Youtube will show you how, just choose what works for you.

I shoot most of the time in Cebu and Duamaguete. Hopefully we can crossover to CDO on one of your shoots.

Warm regards and enjoy your new toy!

07-27-2010, 06:31
sayang nga there are 2 consecutive level 2 shoots here in our area but wala award sa revo.

will try to get in touch with you zen maybe next week when im in manila hopefully may shoot kayo sa weekend.

punta kayo dito bohol glock para putok tayo ng revo, hehehe.

i notice sa mga revo shooters most of them are really alpha shooters, when i first used my revo sa fun shoot i noticed that when i try to run it ala standard style puro mike yung second shot ko, next i ran it slow hits got a lot better but the time was very high, para akong beginner ulit.

feeling ko back to kinder ulit ako sa revolver but then iba nga yung feeling when you run the course

07-27-2010, 06:36
i got a fairly good answer from be forums regarding my first 2 questions:

On question 1:
One procedural penalty if not shot at the target.

Question 2 is whatever the written stage briefing states.
I have done both unloaded starts and loaded starts at stages with the "empty chamber start".
It relly does not matter since Revolver is a separate division. The gun is also nearly always to be "laying flat on the table", so you can not have the cylinder open, but I have seen RO's allowing the cylinder to be open and once even the gun upside down, resting on the open cylinder... Not all RO's know what to do when we revolver shooters arrive to the stage, and the written stage briefing is mostly written with pistols in mind...

IPSC rule book 2009:
A competitor who fails to engage the front of each scoring target in a course of fire with at least one round
will incur one procedural penalty per target for failure to engage the target, as well as appropriate penalties
for misses (see Rule 10.2.7).

Shot: A bullet which passes completely through the barrel of a firearm.
(Draft rule book 2012) Engage: Actually firing a shot at a target while aiming. Firing a shot at, but missing, a target is not a “failure to engage”. The malfunction of a gun or a round preventing the actual firing of a shot at or near a target (e.g. a squib, a broken firing pin etc.), is a "failure to engage"

07-27-2010, 08:34
So these shoots:GOVERNOR CALINGASAN CUP at Camp Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan De Oro and the 1ST ETF MARKET (EDWIN T. FUENTES)MARKET Shootfest, have no awards for Revos?

Pwede pala PPSA sanctioned matches na di completo categories/divisions?

07-27-2010, 18:17
at least sa invites nila hindi ko makita

07-28-2010, 16:03
Aws sayang naman!

Balak pa naman naming mag lakbay-putok hehehe.

07-28-2010, 19:41
Try nyo pakiusuapan pasok kyo sa single stack pag wala awards sa revo! :supergrin:

08-16-2010, 07:43
boholglock, they put up two awards sa revo category for the etf competition, baka makapunta kayo,

another question, my cylinder seems to have a hard time turning with the shells i had resized? namimili ba shells ang 625? dba dapat hindi? i noticed that with the resized shells i has i cannot pull the trigger and there seems to be something that is making the cylinder not turn. do i have to really choose the shells and make sure na yung manipis na yung dulo para hindi sumabit sa plate sa likod ng cylinder? or i am doing something wrong? i just used normal loads (oal) for the bullets, the only thing is that i had ny shells resized.

08-16-2010, 17:55
So these shoots:GOVERNOR CALINGASAN CUP at Camp Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan De Oro and the 1ST ETF MARKET (EDWIN T. FUENTES)MARKET Shootfest, have no awards for Revos?

Pwede pala PPSA sanctioned matches na di completo categories/divisions?

Organizers can specify (with prior announcement) on which Divisions to recognize (and for awards). It is their prerogrative also on the number of awards to hand out. IPSC (for L1/2 matches) recommends that there should be at least five competitors per division for proper recognition. Sometimes, it would be difficult to hand out trophies (economic standpoint) when there are only two to three competitors. These is mostly prevalent in our area for Modified and Revo-Std and even for Open (sometimes).