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07-26-2010, 08:21
I am posting this in hopes of finding out whether there is a want or need for this service.

Recently I started a hobby of making Kydex knife sheaths. After a few dozen good ones under my belt I am now thinking of making some for pay. I dont use any homemade sheath tools. All the tools I use are actual commercial grade, like the Sheath press, and arbor press with dies for setting the eyelets.

Primarily I work in .08 thick Kydex but also use .06 material as well. Pretty much anything is possible with Kydex. As long as the form (knife) can be subjected to heat, a sheath of Kydex can be formed around it. Ive attached pictures of some of the work I have already done. My primary focus right now is conventional belt and neck sheaths. All my work would be 100% guaranteed if the customer isnt satisfied Id refund all money except shipping costs, no questions asked.

I think a working price list would be along the lines of a custom Neck Sheath costing $10, and a belt sheath for a simple 4-8 fixed blade right at around $25. Smaller, 1-4" fixed blade sheaths could be done for about $20. Shipping costs would vary based on the size & weight of the knife being returned with folders about $5 and fixed blade knifes at $7. If someone wanted a specific color besides the standard Black for their sheath that would incur an additional charge of about $2-3 per sheath camouflage patterns would add about $3-5. Included in these sheath prices is a standard fixed belt loop if for a belt knife. Using Fastex / TekLok adjustable belt buckles is relatively expensive and would add about $10-$12 to the cost of any sheath. MOLLE compatible buckles would likewise add about $8 or so to the sheath cost. I think that even working the full time job that I do, turnaround time should be about a week, with 10 days being the far outside time.

Below are pics of some of the work I have already done. Your thoughts are appreciated.



Spyderco 93mm Rescue, neck knife sheath in .06 thick Concealex (Basically the same as standard Kydex)

A few different neck sheaths. All but one are for Spyderco folders.

My very first sheaths. The belt sheath has a small TekLok buckle.

This is the standard style belt buckle/loop that would be included on a basic belt sheath. These I make to order for whatever belt width is normally worn. They can be set to allow vertical or horizontal knife carry options.

A Cold Steel Recon Tanto in a belt sheath with a large TekLok belt buckle. While the buckle looks big in relation to the sheath, the person I made this sheath for wanted to be able to easily adjust the angles at which he wears this knife. Using a TekLok buckle is a good way to accomplish this.

07-26-2010, 08:21
More pics

A nice Damascus fixed blade fighter in an IWB (Inside the Waistband) sheath.

US Military Survival Mirror protectant case. Just something I played around with. My mirror needed a case and I thought why not.

07-26-2010, 08:25
Looks good. Try a table at a gun show and your question will find its answer.

07-26-2010, 14:44
Look like nice work. Will you be requiring the customers knife to generate the sheaths?

07-26-2010, 14:59
syntaxerrorsix - basically yes. In order to get a true "custom" fit the specific knife that the sheath is intended for must be used.

There are some exceptions. Factory made knifes are of very uniform manufacturing tolerances. For example, I have both the Spyderco large (93mm) and small (79mm) Rescue folding knifes on hand. I could use these as patterns for someone’s Spyderco Rescue's. So in this case I would not need their knife to be sent to me. I have other factory folders and fixed blades on hand that I can use. But with so many variants out there I most likely will not have the exact knife on hand. If by chance I do have the exact knife on hand, return shipping costs would be significantly less, because then all I would have to mail out is the sheath.


12-26-2014, 00:51
I was wondering if you are still making Kydex knife sheaths with belt clip. I have a few knives and would be interested in getting some made? Please let me know.


12-26-2014, 08:56
Happy Holidays losvar,

Since I started this thread I have been a product of my own success. Now multi hundreds of knife sheaths or accessory cases later I still continue to make them. However I have not made the big leap into quitting my full time "real" job and doing this as my primary job.

I love my current job, and see this still as a sideline only. Something to do full time once I retire (again), get fired, laid off, or someone gets me mad enough to quit. I have not been actively pursuing new customers. Its all been word of mouth so far that has gotten me to where I am. I actually like the small nature of doing this work. It allows me to get it right on a one on one level.

My lead or wait time is 7-8 weeks right now from when I get your knives in hand. The wait time has gone up to 10 weeks. But at that point I stopped taking on more jobs. Most folks are not willing to wait that long to get a sheath made - which is perfectly understandable. But I am only one man deep, I personally make every sheath or accessory case and make these as my schedule allows.

If you are still interested PM me with what you have and what you want, and I will respond as soon as I can.