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07-26-2010, 09:17
Got a CW45 and a PM9 for T&E

Shot the PM9 last week at the range, zero issues
Went to our lease this weekend and got to shoot the CW45

6+1, 19oz, able to get a full grip on it and it points like a 1911.
It fit a Blade-Tech Nano IWB kydex holster for a M&P9c but had to increase tension
It also fit two holsters from Threat Solutions, both for a G19, an appendix carry and an IWB

Knowing they are reported to be tight and needing a break in period, and feeling that it was indeed tight, I lubed it up good and cycled the action about 150 times..

I was pleasantly surprised by a few things:

Low recoil, MUCH less than anticipated
Accuracy, 2-3" group fired briskly at 15 yards
Rapid fire, did a mag dump at 7 yards fast, all shots in A zone
Nice trigger, used to 1911s, the DAO trigger was noticeable lighter than the P9 I had years ago and didn't stack up at the end like a double action revolver

Kahr advises to use the slide lock release button, but I used my normal slingshot method and it worked fine.

I let me 78 year old dad shoot it, he doesn't shoot much pistol anymore, but is first shot was 2" off the bullzeye at 10 yards, 2nd shot hit the 1" dot, second one was less than a quarter inch away, all shots were a fist sized group.. he too was impressed with it

Time will tell on reliability and feeding with HPs has yet to be done..
So far, I am frankly impressed with it...

08-04-2010, 22:15
Great writeup, thanks for posting it. I had a PM40 and couldn't shoot it for crap. I now have a CW40 and I love the way it shoots.