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07-26-2010, 21:42
Hey Guys, I've been here in Vegas about three years. I've mostly focused on Subgun Matches at Desert Sportsman. I just took a class to get my carry permit here and got a couple of pistols out to qualify. There was a group I used to shoot with in NH(where I came from). They called themselves T.A.G. (Tactical Arts Group). We used to shoot with pistols every Monday night. We would go indoors during the winter and then go back out in the spring through the fall. There was no light other than natural light. We would shoot from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. If it was dark, you better have a light with you. Surefire lights were very popular.

To shoot with the group, you had to be LE or a CCW holder. Everyone had a loaded gun on your person in a holster. The holster had to cover the trigger/trigger guard. They would allow changing a mag while the gun remained in the holster. The only two places you could remove your gun from the holster was at the starting line of a stage, with the RO permission and/or during the running of a stage, or at a "safe area" that faced a berm with sandbag walls on the left and right. You were not allowed to leave the stage with an empty gun. So you needed to plan what you would need for ammo and be sure to have at least one extra round in your pocket.

All scenarios would require you to think. No shooting "innocents" or LE targets, only "bad guys". You would draw from your concealed holster as you would normally carry your gun and engage the targets as the instructions were given to you when the RO explained the course of fire. You could only move forward and could not break the 180 plain. If you didn't pay attention you could get beyond a "bad guy" and would be penalized for not neutralizing a target. All stages were timed, to try to get the adrenaline level up. But the real focus of the group wasn't to run the COF as fast as possible. It was to teach and practice gun handling and shooting practices that are vital to proper and effective CCW use.

Is there anything like that here in the Vegas valley? My favorite carry gun was my Glock 21. I'm 6'-7" 285 lbs. so hiding a full size gun for me is a little easier than most guys. I have since purchased a Glock 30. Since heavy clothing isn't real big in the summer here, I thought the 30 would be that much easier to hide. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. T.A.G. would also have carbine nights on the second and four Friday of every month. The scenarios would be similar to pistol night. Again, everyone had a loaded rifle on a sling with the safety on. You were only allowed to touch the stock and/or the sling. You were not allowed to touch from the receiver down. I'd also be interested in something like that too.

08-06-2010, 02:35
Las Vegas IDPA (

Front Sight (

American Shooters (

08-08-2010, 11:39
Go to American Shooters and talk to Ray Witham. Either he or Ernie can get you pointed in the right direction with IPSC. Their matches are usually cold ranges though due to the unknown factor coming in the door.

08-22-2010, 16:01
Thanks guys. I don't mind a cold range. The down side, in my opinion, is IPSC and IDPA tend to be all about time, but not necessarily about what you'd actually do in a self defense situation. I'll have to look into it. Thank you very much.