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Dr. Strangelove
07-26-2010, 22:50
I posted up a few months back looking for advice on a 1911. You steered me to the Springfield Loaded, saying that if it is my only gun then the service Springfield offers would make it a smarter move than the Kimber I was looking at.

Then I posted up a little while later with some questions about the quality of the gun I bought. Here were the pics.




You guys said that even though they aren't really flaws per se, I should contact the customer service department and see what they say. "They'll take care of you" I think was the line.

I just got my pistol back the other day... Boy did they ever.

Dr. Strangelove
07-26-2010, 22:56
What I got back:



^^^Freehand at 10 yards. The low is me, I'm rusty because I haven't shot much at all lately.

They replace the trigger with a NM one, along with the sear, sear spring, disconnecter, a new SS barrel bushing which fits really tight with my new SS barrel, they refit the slide to the frame, replaced the rear sight and refinished the whole thing in what I am assuming is Armory Kote.

I am thrilled. The gun feels fantastic now. I can't believe they went this far.

Long story short; this will not be the last SA pistol I buy. Thanks for the advice, guys!

These cell phone pics will have to do for now, I'll be sure to break out my SLR in a little while and take some proper pics.

07-26-2010, 23:51
Congrats, they did a great job.