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07-29-2010, 16:48
A few days ago I scooped up a used Springer Milspec GI for a pretty good deal at the local gun shop. I had a Kimber ultra carry before and loved it, as well as access to my dads eclipse custom II, but ended up trading the UC II on an HK USP Compact .45.

Well after about 8 months the 1911 bug hit me again so I picked up this base model 1911 hoping I would just be able to shoot it at the range on occasion and not turn it into a hot rod.

100 rds through the pipe today and the lack of a beaver tail among other things (trigger) really made this gun a chore to shoot.

Should I try and sell this gun, save a few more pennies and buy a custom 1911 in a few months... or start the endless journey of making this one my own?

I know some guys love making the guns their own, and I like new projects, I am just not sure if building a 1911 is in my budget along with everything else I have going on right now.

What do you guys think?

07-29-2010, 16:52
Here, let me help you out with that. :)




07-29-2010, 17:09
Really depends on you! When you say custom are you talking EB, WC, LB, NH? If your considering those models, then heck ya i would unload and save a little. Then you can get exactly what you want. As far as doing mod's on a 1911, i prefer starting with a base model with most of the options i want. In my case, it was the TRP. Then i slowly when money allowed it, made modifications.

07-29-2010, 17:15
When I say custom, I am going more for a slightly equipped 1911. A few things I took for granted on the Kimbers really showed up today. After pricing some of the services for what I want to do, I might be better off purchasing another 1911. I don't think I want to let this one go, it might serve truck duty or something.

Anyone have any GI builds they want to share?