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07-29-2010, 17:18
Mas, recently I asked (and you graciously responded) about CCW options for this old man with a bad back. I escort my wife on visiting nurse night calls to private homes.

Last year with my back in distress I stored my 2 other CCW guns, a Kahr P9 and a Glock 39. Yesterday still looking for carryable options, and with my back benefiting from a new chiropractor, I got them from the safe deposit box- and shot both today.

1. The Glock was fine until I had a stovepipe due to, I think to limp wristing
( I have tendonitis and arthritis in my wrists.) The Glock seems more powerful, but loaded with .45 ammo is really at the upper end of what I could support and I fear I won't be able to carry a spare mag (.45 GAP ammo is surprisingly heavy).

2. The Kahr ran perfectly. I was reacquainted with its severe muzzle blast, which I don't like. Also, after years of shooting Glocks and 1911s it somehow seems delicate, like it will break on me. is this a durable gun?

Would either of these be a better bet than the aluminum J frame .38s we discussed?

Thank you again for your time.


Mas Ayoob
07-29-2010, 19:17
MG, I trust my Kahrs...all I can tell ya. And, yes, they're out of the box except for one Al Greco Custom.

If you've got a physical disability that can induce limp-wristing, any autopistol could become problematic. That said, you're doing the right thing: testing YOUR guns to see what works and what doesn't for YOU, in your present physical condition.

The small polymer autos you mention will give you a couple more shots than a five-round J-frame, will probably have less recoil, and have triggers that are easier to manipulate under stress. They might indeed do better for you than five-shot snub revolvers.