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07-29-2010, 18:46
i have got a hold of a few ar15 lowers and i was looking to build them up and i want to get some info beforehand. i was looking at a 410 upper that was kinda cheep and thought that it would be fun. i also do not like the 223 round and was maybe going to make one a 7.62. some of the other forums that i have seen said that the 7.62 did not have a reliable mag on the market and don't like that idea. any info would be great. what are some of the ar uppers that you have used? which ones did you not like and what ones did you really like.?

07-29-2010, 21:22
The info about the 7.62x39 not feeding is old info, CP makes mags that feed well now even full auto, the ammo is inexpensive even cheaper is 5.45x39 ammo at $120/1080.
The cheapest uppers are cheap for a reason. It depends on if you want to plink and blast or if you want a good rig or a professional rig. Just a little extra money can move you from the worst piece of crap on the planet to a decent hobby rig.
I don't buy any barrels that are just plain chromoly, they must be nitro-carburized as my first choice or chromed as my second.
I don't use stainless barrels with steel cased ammo. I reload so I can keep cost down but I wouldn't buy uppers that ammo cost $1.50 a round if you plan to shoot much. The 5.45 is looking better and better, the cost is close to what 5.56 ammo cost 20 years ago when we were buying 820 rnd cans for $99. If you plan to hunt and you state has a 24 caliber min for deer then the 7.62x39 may be a decent choice, the 6.8 may be a better hunting rig but ammo is more expensive than the 7.62x39.

08-01-2010, 18:18
thank you i will look at that 5.45. have you seen the 410 shotgun uppers? did you have any insight on those? who makes the best 7.62 upper that u have seen?