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07-29-2010, 21:49

In your experience, what are your recommendations about lead when shooting and cleaning? Is it different between revolvers versus pistols? What are your recommended practices for shooting and cleaning to reduce lead exposure? Are some ammunition brand/models more safe than others?

Mas Ayoob
07-30-2010, 07:35
First, follow manufacturer recommendations. For instance, Glock says "no lead in our guns," so I shoot jacketed bullets from my Glocks.

Plan on more work cleaning with lead bullets. Just part of the game.

The poorer the ventilation on an indoor range, the more important lead-free ammo becomes. All the big makers and a few small ones produce "lead-free" ammo, which means no lead styphnate in the primers and either a totally jacketed bullet (including base) or a bullet with no lead at all. Some ranges now require this type of ammo.

When done shooting, it's a good idea to wash hands, face and other exposed areas thoroughly with cool or cold soapy water. (Some authorities believe that hot water may open pores and cause you to absorb more lead.) If I've been on a particularly dirty indoor range (lots of particulate matter on the floor), when I get home I'll take my shoes off outside the house, and when inside strip off and put clothing in plastic bag to be washed separately, then immediately shower & shampoo.

When cleaning a gun with lead all over it, it never hurts to use nitrile gloves. Do the cleaning in a well ventilated place. Won't hurt to wear a filter mask when scrubbing out the bore: the bore brush coming out of the barrel can put some tiny lead particles in the next cubic yard of air you're about to breath.

Sounds kinda over the top, but when you look at the symptoms of lead poisoning, it seems to be worth taking precautions.


07-30-2010, 16:28
Wow! Thanks. I wish I asked this question 19 years ago when I started shooting. Internet didn't really have the same usefulness as it does now.

Great tips!