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08-02-2010, 18:34
hello all,I'm trying ti find out what the difference is between cci400light rifle primers and the cci450magmum light rifle primers.We are reloading .223:wavey:

Randy from Kansas
08-02-2010, 18:59
CCI 400 are small rifle Primers

CCI 450 are small rifle magnum primers

Use 400 in the 223. I don't remember ever using a small rifle magnum primer and can't come up with a reason to use it. I suppose there is a magnum load using a small rifle primer????? But I sure can't come up with what it would be.

08-02-2010, 19:40
Check the load data some powders call for a mag primer in 223, Speer # 13 loading manual calls for a mag primer when using powders like 748 and H335 reguardless of charge weight.