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08-04-2010, 01:56
First thank you for being available on glocktalk to help with our questions. I really like the Timberwolf lower, it appears to address many of the issues glock owners have been complaining about for years (as I am sure it was designed to do). I just have a couple of questions regarding it.

First, is the grip angle actually changed or is it the same angle without the hump to make it slimmer?

Secondly, are there plans to make a version for the 20/21, 29/30 models?

Thank you, AJ

08-05-2010, 18:30
The TimberWolf frame is basically the same angle however the grip has been drastically reduced so it feels completely different.
The next version available will be the 19/23 (shooting for Spring of next year. We will start development of the 21/21 soon after.