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american lockpicker
08-04-2010, 14:01
I'm interested in putting an sight on my Brugger & Thomet TP9. I was originally looking at the Zeiss Z point but haven't found much info about it.

08-05-2010, 06:38
Zeiss makes great glass. Not so great RDS comparing the Zeiss to an Aimpoint Micro t-1 or H-1 if you do not need the NV capabitily, or do not plan to dive with it underwater. If weight is a consideration I would recommend going with a mini RDS like the InsightMRDS. The Zeiss just has a very small FOV and hard to aquire at speed and at least to my eye seems to not be very bright. Again Zeiss makes great glass the clarity of the traditional scopes is hard to beat great company but not so great in the RDS DEPT