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08-04-2010, 15:29
Any one ever use Ultramax ammo? I know it is reloaded ammo but I just got 600 rounds for 60 bucks and thought it would be good enough for my g19 at the range. Whats your guys thoughts?

08-04-2010, 16:47
I purchased a box of 44 special Ultramax,mainly for the cases,I was very happy with how the ammo was,very soft,clean and accurate.Best thing about it is the cases are Starline Brass.

I think you will be very pleased with it :thumbsup:

MSgt Dotson
08-04-2010, 16:52
I've used their commercial reloads before, worked just fine.....

08-04-2010, 22:09
I'm curious about Ultramax myself.

Most Ultramax reloads I see online are more expensive than factory new ammo from other manufacturers. Is there something special about it?

08-04-2010, 23:09
I've used in in .38 special. It seemed a little on the weak side and isn't the cleanest in the world but it was reliable and accurate enough for target practice. With ammo prices coming down it pays to shop around especially online.

08-05-2010, 09:18
Last year I went to Ultramax for a lot of our agency's practice ammo (pistol). We've run case after case of it with zero problems. Saved about 15-25% over the stuff we'd used previously (Speer Lawman, Fed AE, etc.), with no downside that I can see. YMMV.

08-05-2010, 16:16
I fired 200 rounds of ultramax today through my g19 and it fed fine and was decently accurate. I would say it isn't any dirtier than WWB.

08-22-2010, 20:20
I just got some today they were running a "sale" for $49 a box of 200 for .38special...thats about what?? $12.50 a box of 50 for .38 special..thats not a bad savings..not shot it yet though...best ive seen .38 special in 50 round box locally is between $14-16+ a box..so I saved about $2-4+ a box buying their "bulk" box...others must have thought so too ebcause the guy only said he had the one other box left in the entire store(Dicks Sporting Goods)

08-25-2010, 16:29
I use it from time to time. Never had a bad experience. Its cleanliness is similar to more inexpensive factory ammo and its more accurate then I am.