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08-05-2010, 10:38
So, My friends and I started doing some competative shooting (USPSA) and are really seeing a lot of improvement with our pistol handing skills. My friend and I are both shooting G19s, and he has really been struggling with shooting low a lot.

After a few matches and trying to figure out his problem, he realized that he was lining up the top of the stock sights, not lining up the dot in the front sight in the square in the back site (he typically shoots a 1911 and a few other guns which don't have dots, you just line up the sites).

I looked at mine and it is the same deal. When you line up the sites, the front site is considerably higher than the rear sights. He grabbed another one of his glocks with trijicon sites on it and they are level. I am pretty sure this isn't helping my performance either, as it requires me to focus on the dots, not just naturally level the sights.

Is this a common issue? Is there a good fix for it besides ordering new sights (which I plan on doing, but its not at the top of the list yet). I had considered just filing the front sight down, but thought I would ask the experts here before doing something irreversable.


08-05-2010, 16:35
The Glock factory sights are intended to be lined up across the top, then the impact is expected to be just above the front sight. YES the white dots are confusing but the majority of uninformed shooters request them so the factory complies. A perfect target sight is all black. That is because black is easy to focus on and then forget. Take a look at the best limited class shooters in the world, they are all using black sights.... Unless someone has paid them to use something else.
Dot holds are completely different. If you want to use a dot, be it painted, fiber optic or electronic you have to adjust your hold to cover the target.

08-05-2010, 16:53
I don't think that is what I am seeing. If I line up the top of my sights, part of the dot on the front sight is hidden by the bottom of the rear sight (about 1/4 of it is covered). If I lift the front up so that I can see the whole dot, then the sights are not lined up across the top.

I am quite confident that if I line up the top of the sites, it shoots low. If I line up the sights so I can see the front sight dot completely, it shoots quite accurately. We see this on two different 2nd or 3rd generation G19s. We just discovered this, so we haven't had a chance to check with any other glocks.

I am not arguing that the dots are not optimal (I'm sure your right), but when shooting our stock G19s, lining up the top of the sights doesn't seem to be working.


08-05-2010, 17:02
You can call it what you want or do it the way you see best. I am simply letting you know the how & why the sights are intended for use.
There are a million ways to shoot you gun and a million people will tell you how to do it. I simply watch the guys who are getting paid to do it. There is a reason someone is willing to pay them and they are always at the top.