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08-05-2010, 22:09
Hi everyone,
I'm clearing the closets of unused things and came across an old Gerber double edged boot knife bought back in the 60s. I was trying to come up with a price and thin this is a Mark 1 with a 1st year serial # 003678. Prices for these are all over the place including several well over a grand. Not looking to retire off it, just don't want to give it away if it is worth something. I don't claim to know the first thing about these so your collective help would be appreciated.

08-06-2010, 13:48
Might be $35-45. Very worn blade. I do not know if there is much of a collectors market for a knife in the condition yours is in.

Price mostly depends on how much someone wants it.

08-06-2010, 16:29
Thanks Joe for the info! Bill

08-07-2010, 17:23
Your welcome!

I was thinking more collectors of your brand might chime in with some better numbers on the value.