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08-06-2010, 16:11

How often do you clean your guns? Does it matter if it's a polymer versus a steel gun like a 1911? Is there a point where not cleaning the gun leads to damage of the pistol?

How many rounds do you shoot per practice session? Do you clean between each practice session?


Mas Ayoob
08-06-2010, 20:12
Depends on the gun and the ammo. In the old days of PPC with .38 Special ammo using dirty wadcutter reloads, we took the guns behind the line during breaks between stages and swamped the crud out of them so debris wouldn't build up and keep the cylinders from rotating.

With autos, the mil-spec GI 1911 passed torture tests with crud in it, but some of the most finely-fitted match pistols need to be cleaned every couple hundred rounds or so, or they can start choking.

With a service/carry/home defense gun, it'll vary weapon to weapon. The Glocks seems to be the least dependent upon maintenance; I clean mine every thousand rounds or so "whether they need it or not," and I know Glock shooters who go far longer than that between cleanings without experiencing malfunctions.

With most autoloading designs, if they're carried to defend human life, the best belt and suspenders approach is to lube them every month or so whether they need it or not. With their long bearing surfaces, autos need lube more often than they need cleaning. With the pistol vertical in a holster, liquid lubrication drains. Any liquid, including lubricant, can evaporate. The result can be a dry gun, and totally dry auto pistols of any make are never as trustworthy as they should be.

Hoping that helps,

08-06-2010, 20:17
Is there a cleaning solution and lubricant that you recommend? Any experience with those foam-like cleaning agents?

Mas Ayoob
08-07-2010, 08:07
Hoppe's #9 solvent, and Firepower or BreakFree CLP has always worked for me.