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08-07-2010, 05:18
Anyone familar with Front Sight training. The offers they are making are pretty amazing. Has anyone actually attended and receive all the training aids and free pistol?:fishing:

David Armstrong
08-07-2010, 10:39
Several threads have discusssed this in the past. Might try the "search" function and get an over-view.

08-08-2010, 22:52
A close friend attended and found it to be good training. I intend to go on a free class certificate some day. I'll post an opinion once I do.

For any beginner, their training should be beneficial. They don't teach anything radical and they are fundamentally sound.

Sam Spade
08-09-2010, 15:44
My opinion, which you are free to disregard: The mechanics of shooting are taught quite well. It's primarily square-range, plant-your-feet-and-deliver training, but you gotta start somewhere.

That said, I also said the following (and I stand by it). Iggy took Deputy Dinkheller's video and posted it to the 'net as advertising....

Let me take the thread to a bit different angle.

IMO, it's totally acceptable to be using the footage to educate. As was pointed out, that's something the family wanted. That's how we learn.

It's a totally different thing to be using the footage to advertise. I find Piazza's advertisement and the character behind it to be utterly despicable. The mere fact that he's posting the last moments of a dying man in order to increase his bottom line is beyond contempt.

Closely related to this revolting display of opportunism is the snarky attitude which he puts out in his narrative. "I do not like to be critical without also being constructive, so allow me to do what only I can do, and offer every law enforcement officer in the country as well as every gun-owning private citizen the opportunity for a lifetime of Front Sight training for pennies-on-the-dollar!" Ya know what, it's not something that only you can do, and if your fees reflected actual rates---as evidenced by what people are willing to pay for your certificates on eBay, it'd be more like "dollars on the penny". That attitude---the unwarranted superiority complex---is clearly what blinds Piazza to decency and prompts him to advertise with a man's death rattle.

And then let's close with an invitation for people to send in their video---Jerry Springer would be proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to reconsider any support you may be providing to this pimp of death. Whether you're planning on attending and putting your dollars into his pocket, or whether you're teaching there and enabling this travesty, or simply recommending the school for someone to learn the basics....Is this really what you want to support?

Iggy, if you or your minions are reading this: Go Pound Sand.