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The Curmudgeon
08-07-2010, 18:13
I am a Virginia resident with a CCW and I live near the TN border. I know VA recently allowed CCW in restaurants serving alcohol. I think I heard TN did also. What is the truth? Can you carry concealed in TN restaurants?

08-08-2010, 08:50
Yes, carry where alcohol is served is legal in TN, as long as the business is not posted.

The law was first changed in 2009 to allow carry only in restaurants as defined in the law. However that law was ruled void for vagueness by a judge.

So in 2010 a new law was passed that allows carry anywhere where alcohol is served. It went into effect June 14.

08-08-2010, 17:06
Remember that you cannot consume and carry at the same time. And the red slash thru a pistol is a legal do not carry posting. Enjoy your visit!