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08-07-2010, 23:46
I recently bought a Remington 870 Express with 18" bbl. and +2 ext. tube.I already knew some of these guns had feeding issues, based on prebuy research.I also knew how to fix it though.So, I bought one anyway.I loaded it up and cycled some shells through it.The third shell hung up in the tube.Tried a few more and another one hung up.So,I promptly ordered a Wolff extra power mag spring.Just received it today and installed it.It's about 7 or 8 coils longer and a bit stiffer.The difference is like night and day.It now feeds 100% flawless.Every shell is kicked out of the tube with authority.I'm going to take it out in the morning and put some rounds through it.I am confident that I won't have anymore FTF's.
So, if you have an 870 with feeding issues, I highly recommend a Wolff mag spring.

08-08-2010, 07:58
I did not know anything about 870 feeding issues - but I replaced the mag spring with a Wolff XP before I even loaded up the gun.

Last week I discovered the stock Remington spring in my old parts box - it seemed pretty flimsy - the diameter is even smaller than the wolff spring.

I also replaced the cheapo plastic follower with an aluminum one - IIRC it was $15-$16 with my C&R discount.


08-08-2010, 13:58
Feed issues with new 870's are not very common. What you mostly read is from guys who take the tube extension off and reinstall it wrong. I shoot hundreds of these each year and have yet to have a feed issue with one out of the box. Can it happen, of course as there are thousands sold each year and over ten million out there.

I do know the Wolf spring is a great upgrade and an aluminum follower is also. So, you put some good stuff in your 870.