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View Full Version : Is the LWD trigger connector made of SS?

08-08-2010, 15:29
Is the LWD 3.5# trigger connector made of SS?

Will the same smooth trigger bar work in all Glocks? Thanks

08-09-2010, 22:05
No the LWD 3.5 is not S/S. I don’t think any manufacture offers one in S/S
No the trigger bars are different according to model. The 17/19 use the same TB with the 17 being smooth and the 19 being serrated. The 20/21 & 29/30 use the same with the 20/21 being smooth and the 29/30 being serrated. The G36 stands alone.

08-15-2010, 13:11
There is a pre-EH trigger bar specified for those G19's.

Mine is a BH series G19 with a serrated trigger, I assume that is pre-EH.

Guess I'm outta luck for a smooth trigger option?

08-15-2010, 22:21
Yep, you are correct.