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08-08-2010, 18:36
No trickling charges, no adjusting seating depth, no bench rest primers. Heck, I even ran 52 grain bullets through a 1-7" twist on a .223 AR-15 and didn't use a bench rest! Sometimes lazy loading works out okay.

Oh, details, it's 26.5gr of Winchester 748, 52gr Nosler Custom Competition HPBTs, CCI-450 Small Rifle Magnum primers and some scruffy old Lake City brass that is going to the scrap bucket now. Seriously, some of it has CIA headstamps, if you understand what I mean... :whistling: The rifle is just an Armalite M-15NM with a WOA 1-7" twist Wilson barrel with Wylde chamber, about 3000 rounds on.

Anybody else like to take short cuts sometimes? I know, I know, I'll try to make it a 200-20X next time, but I'm just practicing, you know? :crying:

08-09-2010, 19:32
Ain't nothing wrong with lazy...