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08-09-2010, 16:04
I recently picked up a few boxes of PTP/SP 91grn 9mm ammo. From the research I've done (and translation thru babelfish as this is german ammo). It states it is a 91grn solid core bullet moving at 1375 fps. It looks like a fmj round but has a small hole one end of a paper clip can be pushed into. The paper clip feels like it bottoms out on the base of the bullet. Due to the weight, velocity, and hollow core would this be a good defensive round? <!-- / message --><!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- sig -->

08-09-2010, 16:12
I would think not. Until it's tested you won't know how it compares. You got a link to the ammo and possibly pics?


Nevermind, I found it:

It sounded by your description to be a recipe for extreme penetration and this website's description confirms it. I think it would have way too much penetration for SD use, but until someone tests it you'll not know. I don't think it'll be a tack-driver either.

08-09-2010, 16:18
may have to run it thru babelfish or another language conversion. It's the 91grn PTP/S round on page 10

08-09-2010, 17:32
Here's MEN's 4 page PDF on their 9mm loads including the PTP:


08-10-2010, 19:37
thanks for the English version. I may just keep this as range ammo.