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View Full Version : "Slightly Corroded" Portugese 7.62x51, is it safe to shoot?

08-09-2010, 17:57
I acquired a case of Port 7.62 in battle packs that looks like it was stored wrong and got wet. There is tarnish/corrosion on about 250 of the rounds. Some rounds are just a spot or two and some of the cases are halfway covered in this tarnish/corrosion. It looks like most of it is on the surface and would clean off nicely with some steel wool. My question is are these generally safe to shoot?


08-09-2010, 18:02
if you have to ask, maybe you should find a legal safe place to dispose of it.

08-15-2010, 16:51
I shot mine in that condition...no problems in my FALs

08-15-2010, 19:48
Sit down with some 4/0 steel wool and lightly remove any corrosion that might be of concern. Then... wipe it all clean and dry... load it up... and fire away!