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08-10-2010, 15:59
the range I go to appreciates if you pick up your shells, and evem when I domt go to that range I usually pick them up anyway. I don't have a reloader, I'd like one just no space for it right now so I was wondering if I take these shells to a gunshow would people be willing to trade for them or give me some credit towards a mag or something?

08-10-2010, 16:23
Or you could sell them in the wants adds section of GT.

08-10-2010, 16:24
I don't know if any vendors at a gunshow would be looking for brass unless you had some large quantities of specific calibers. You could do like other private sellers and offer it at reasonable prices on the 'net. Having it sorted would be required, and cleaned would preferable.

Gunnut 45/454
08-10-2010, 16:46
If you can't sell to a reloader I'm getting about $1 or so per pound recylcling it! So if you get 50 lbs you could make enough to buy some more shooting ammo! If it isn't some thing I load it get scrapped as most folks are to picky about reloading once fire brass! Or brass they didn't shoot! Why I have know idea as it all works just fine, been doing it for years!:supergrin: Now if you go through it and find any 357 mag, 380 ACP brass I'll buy it off you I will not even make you clean it! Let me know!

08-10-2010, 16:55
ok thanks and its all 9mm but my step dad has a 380 but i didnt pick up any of his shells plus he prob only shot like 30 through it.
how much does it usually sell for? yea i figured worst case is i would just scrap it once i got enough built up was just wondering about some alternatives

Gunnut 45/454
08-10-2010, 20:35
Good condition once fired $20 for 200! Deprimed polished maybe $25 for 200!:supergrin:

08-10-2010, 21:36
BRoberts, if you do a search you'll find several sites where private individuals sell brass. I think 9mm goes for about $20-25/1000 clean cases. I recently bought 500 pieces of cleaned 380 for $47 shipped. I believe 40 & 45 cal are in the $40ish/1000 range.

Whatever you do, please don't recycle good brass. There are many reloaders out there that will take it off your hands.

08-11-2010, 06:30
If you're in/near Muncie, let me know, I'll take whatever you have off your hands.
I usually give away what brass I don't use (45gap, 357, 38sp, & others) that I pick up.