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08-10-2010, 17:46
Picked up a new Mac Mini. First time I've been on a Mac since the Macintosh SE of about 1990.

I imported (to use a video term) a 60 page document from my old PC. The Mac opened the document with no trouble and I have full editing capability, but nowhere in it does it display what page I am currently on, and also when printing I'd like just the page number in the upper right without the date or title.

How can I get it to display my current page number and to print the number how I want it?

(Before you ask, I bought it to do video editing. I never got over my experience with Avid so I didn't want a PC. Plus the Mac Mini is just flatout cool.)

08-10-2010, 23:06
What are you using to edit the document? Open Office? or something else?

Did you try "Help" to get the answer? or visit the Apple site for tutorials?