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SMSgt (Ret)
08-10-2010, 19:27
Mas: Thanks for taking time to field these questions. I have been a fan for years. My question concerns holster selection. I have tried several makes and models of Kydex holsters for my Glock 19. While they are good products, I find myself more drawn to leather. My question is how do you feel about well made belt slide holsters? I have seen threads bash them as unsafe for catching the sights and having the gun pushed out by the barrel. Honestely, I have never had either of these happen. I wear one canted behind my hip, probably a little further back then some, and find I can grip the gun much more quickly and surely than with most other kind of holsters. Am I better off sticking with this type or is safety really in question? Thanks again for your input and experience.

Mas Ayoob
08-10-2010, 19:39
My pleasure, Sarge, and thank you for your service.

I agree with the conventional wisdom that you mention. However, the problems don't happen to every wearer with every gun. Ramp front sights aren't as vulnerable to snag as square-back post front sights. Tapered revolver barrels aren't as likely to be caught by a chair arm and pushed up and out of the holster when you sit down. Wide-body guys are more vulnerable to that than narrow-body guys. A lot of it is individual.

When in doubt, get something with a thumb-snap like the Black Widow design from Bianchi or the similar design from Don Hume: gun pushed out of holster problem SOLVED. Make sure you've got a ramp front sight: snag problem SOLVED.


SMSgt (Ret)
08-10-2010, 19:58
Mas: Thanks for the quick response and words of wisdom.