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08-10-2010, 22:14
In a related thread I had asked about which suppressor would be best in 9mm between a SWR Trident 9 and a Gemtech. I think I jumped the gun (no pun intended) and should have thought about it a bit more. I was wondering between 9mm and .45, which one would be better as a first suppressor? I'm looking at the YHM M2 Cobra in 9mm and .45 because there is a local dealer who can get them cheaper than I can find other brands of suppressors. I see a few pros and cons for each:

With the 9mm, I have more platforms to use the suppressor with (G17, G17L, 2x G19, G26, G34, Sig P228) but there is the caveat of having to use 147 grain/ subsonic ammunition to get the most sound reduction from the can

For the .45, the 230 gr. round is already subsonic, but I only have one weapon to use it with (G21).

So, with all of this in mind, any suggestions or first hand experience from those of you with suppressors? Much appreciated!

08-11-2010, 08:44
I'm not exactly sure on the question, but I would go with a 9mm can simply because of how much cheaper the ammo is to buy, even if its NOT 147g. Have you ever fired 115gr through a can before? It actually works pretty well. I would use earplugs in any covered shooting range or place where your not in a wide open place due to the echo though.

Since you have so many 9mm platforms, to me the 9mm can is an easy decision. Plus you can use it on a 9mm AR15 at some point if you chose. I don't think you jumped any guns ( no pun intended ).

08-11-2010, 13:43
Buy 147grn bulk online and go with the 9mm can. Itll be quieter.

08-11-2010, 15:26
9mm is louder than you expect.
.45 is waaaay louder - not hearing safe for many cans when fired dry.

go 9mm or even .22 for real fun ( don't have a .22 can but wish I did. With a kid in college I had to stop at 2....)

08-11-2010, 15:53
The ammunition cost really isn't a factor for me since I reload. Although, I only reload 115 gr. 9mm so if I wanted subsonic ammo, I would need to start loading 147 grain. I have never fired anything through a suppressor before, just watched on youtube (which really doesn't do it justice). I know that you won't be getting true "silenced" shots from a 9 or 45 can, I just don't have a .22 pistol to get a can for. With the prices I'm looking at, it's about the same price if I wanted to purchase a .22LR pistol and suppressor as if I were to just purchase a 9mm/.45 can and threaded barrel.

As for a 9mm on an AR, I don't have any plans to get an AR platform in 9mm, although I'll be working on an MP5 SBR as soon as I can find an AT-94P to convert, so the ability to mount using a 3-lug would be nice, but I'm not sure if the M2 Cobra is capable of that.

08-11-2010, 19:02
In 9mm I use a Gemtech MultiMount - it has many mounting options including 3-lug.
Here is a fairly realistic video I shot. There is some echo from the trees - I am shooting into a forest.

Hearing safe:


08-11-2010, 19:45
The most expensive silencer you will ever own, will be the one you regret buying because you went with low bidder and now you are stamped for life with something you do not want.

08-12-2010, 12:59
I wouldn't make your decision based on the number of guns you have in that caliber. You will most likely keep the suppressor on one gun most of the time anyway. Are you planning on buying $100+ barrels for each 9mm handgun? That would really increase the money involved. Unless you plan on having a long gun to swap with go with the caliber you like best. I for one am starting with rimfire cans and may go with 9mm in the future. I have a 9mm AR that would be sweet SBR'd with a can.

08-12-2010, 13:03
UZIFORME makes a good point. Don't get an inferior can just to keep costs down. You will be happier with a quality piece for much longer. In reality when you are looking at $600-700 for a basic unit, another couple hundred for a better one isn't much.

08-12-2010, 14:29
Get an osprey 45, it can use various threaded pistons to fit 9,40 and 45 pistols. It is scary quiet on my USP tac, and wet it's amazing.


08-12-2010, 15:33
I 2nd the Osprey. I have the 9mm verison. Very quiet. But yes, as stated you can buy the 45 version and buy 9 and .40 pistons and use one can on three different platforms.

To the poster...i see you have the HK mags loaded backwards....thata boy! lol

08-12-2010, 16:00
I 2nd the Osprey. I have the 9mm verison. Very quiet. But yes, as stated you can buy the 45 version and buy 9 and .40 pistons and use one can on three different platforms.

To the poster...i see you have the HK mags loaded backwards....thata boy! lol

Yes, it's true my FF brother! Be safe!

08-12-2010, 18:58
Yes, it's true my FF brother! Be safe!

Always! You too. Anytime your in the Tampa area, PM me and lets hit a range.:cool:

08-13-2010, 21:30
I went 45ACP/Super. I wanted something with a little more stopping power than the 9mm. I wanted to push the range out to 100 yards with this gun. I wanted to use factory ammo and had several thousand rounds of 45 on hand. I had a plan.

If I was to do it today, I would be tempted to get the 9mm. I have more 9mm platforms. They are quieter than the 45ACP suppressors. If I made the right choice, I could use it for 22LR also.

So it really depends on why you are buying a suppressor for.