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08-11-2010, 19:55
Almost done with my first build. Got a bcg today from a gt member, so I got it cleaned and oiled. I grabbed the charging handle from my Oly, went to drop it in, and it won\'t fit. The notches are good, the handle drops in, but won\'t move forward. I tried a quick clean and oil, even some dremel action. Tried the charging handle from a Colt, same thing. Whats next?

08-11-2010, 22:09
How far forward will your charging handle go? It doesn't sound like an issue with the charging handle itself, it you are experiencing the same problem with your Colt charging handle. Perhaps it's binding against your gas tube or something is up with the upper receiver itself.

08-11-2010, 22:12
At first thought it sounds like the channel in the receiver that the wide part of the charge handle slides in is too small, may just be a burr from when the drop in hole was milled. I would say check for burrs or send the receiver back.

08-12-2010, 04:32
Charging handle has zero forward movement. I didn't realize the tolerance for that piece would be that exact. I don't see anything obvious, but I'll take a better look tonight.
The upper came from R-Guns almost a year ago, I doubt returning it will be much of an option.