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08-13-2010, 17:54
Evening JR, I'm perplexed at this 17. It has a rail, looks to be 2 pin, finger grooves, in a tupper ware box with the big white packet of papers,
10 round mags. Supposed to be new unfired with the bronze lube on it?
Can you shed some light on this for me.
Thanks, Jeff

08-13-2010, 22:03
Looks to be an early Gen3 to me. There were a lot of G34 pistols that fell in the same category

08-14-2010, 14:11
Thanks JR. Thats what I was thinking but was not sure. Just got back from a small gun show. 1st Gen 17 in the box, not fired, all paper work, GC901 US, tupper ware box w/all of the original stickers including the red/white/blue "Best in the Market" sticker on top. 1986.

08-14-2010, 17:00
My mistake, CG901 US, 7/87 mfg or import date.