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Glocknload 19
08-14-2010, 14:50
Mr. Emerson,
Was wondering if you have heard of "The Black Knife" ? I understand it's a custom auto knife which is supposedly a Delta, DEA, Special Ops, FBI HRT ect. knife. I'm a Bond Enforcement Agent in Hillsborough County Fl. and I'm looking for an auto knife. What would you recomend in your auto knife line. Is that Black Knife just hype or is it the real deal. I know your fine quality knives as I own a Commander and a CQC7B, but I've never heard of this knife? Thanks, Glocknload19

Ernest Emerson
01-12-2011, 15:46
Dear Glocknload 19,

The maker of that knife is an old acquaintance of mine. It is definitely real and it was black and sterile for the folks that were using it. Don't know of it's still available. I recommend that you check out Pro-Tech they make some of the finest auto knives in the game.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson