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01-04-2003, 18:40
One afternoon at a vet shop these three male dogs were sitting beside each other. One was a Scottish Terrier, the other a Golden Retriever, and the last a Great Dane.

The Scottish Terrier asks the Golden Retriever why he's there-to which the Retriever replies "well, I've been pretty bad lately and my owner is putting me down." The Retriever explains that he has a problem with defecating and urinating all over the owner's very nice home, and the owner was fed up.

The Retriever asks why the Terrier is there, and the Terrier says that he almost killed the owner's daughter. The Terrier says that he woke up one night and didn't recognise the girl due to his already deteriorating vision, and bit her repeatedly until she stopped moving. "My owner is putting me to sleep also."

The two dogs ask the Great Dane why he's at the vet. The Great Dane explains that he has a supermodel owner, and that she frequently walks around the home nude. One day when she bent over to pick something off the floor, the Great Dane couldn't help himself and he forced himself on her and nature just took its course. The Terrier and Retriever asked if that meant he was also being put to sleep to which the Great Dane replied "no, she just brought me in to get my nails clipped."

01-05-2003, 22:46
I never had the cajones to post that one hahaha.