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08-20-2010, 18:09
I kind of screwed up and will have to do this again sometime. I had a pile of about 15 separate targets all set up with load information written on each one and I forgot to take any targets to the range with me. Damn. I had to buy their big ones ($1 each) and take multiple shots per target. Then I knocked one of them down in the lane with the fifth of five shots and I could not retrieve it....so I don't have pictures of all the shots.

The pictures I took after I got home are below. All shots were at 27-30 feet. The load is written on the target somewhere in the picture. They are (all 00): Winchester Ranger 8 pellet low recoil, Hornaday TAP 8 pellet light magnum, Remington 8 pellet managed recoil and Federal 9 pellet full power with flight control wad (LE127).

The Ranger had the biggest spread and the most flyers. The Federal and Hornaday seemed to pattern the tightest with consistency. This surprised me. I expected the two lower power loads to be tighter.







08-21-2010, 11:07
It's all about the flite control.

08-21-2010, 19:47
Ya I love that Hornaday tap light magnum, it's the only load ill shoot out of my tac shot gun any more.

08-21-2010, 20:08
Ya I love that Hornaday tap light magnum, it's the only load ill shoot out of my tac shot gun any more.

It did well. The only pattern I am unhappy with is the Ranger. My 870 is currently loaded 6+1 with buckshot. In order they are 1-2 Remington low recoil, 3-5 Federal LE127, 6-7 Hornaday light magnum.

I don't really see an effective difference between the federal and the hornaday but I paid for/possess both so I want to "use" both. I'd be perfectly happy with either/or. I do wish I had picked up some of the light recoil Federal with flight control wad, that will be on my short list.

The stock has four more shells, Brenneke slugs and the LE127

08-21-2010, 21:55
I keep my HD Shotgun loaded with the Hornady TAP LM. Very pleased with the groupings out of my 18.5 inch barrel with cylinder choke, no need to sweat about having 8 pellets. The price is right too!

08-21-2010, 22:33
We use Fed Low Recoil 00 buck w/flite control wad as our duty round. We can get all the pellets (9) to land on target (tq21) from 25-30 yards consistently. Up close you can take head shots with it as you would any traditional bullet.