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08-20-2010, 18:31
I just got a OD35 and after many months on this site and reading the excellent earlier Hienie, warren, sevigny post. I've decided on the Hienie's, but still cant decide on options. I want to shoot tight, accurate groups out to 25 yards or so. I shoot POA/POI, no 6 o'clock! I noticed with the Warrens you need the .245 front for POA. So here is what i'm thinking, straight eight, Hienie classic or likely Slantpro's with the .125 and or .140 rear notch. However they offer .215, .235 and .250 fronts. I'll eventually add a bar-sto or kkm. Thanks ahead for any input.

08-21-2010, 06:47
Ruff heres AmeriGlo's sight Calc (http://www.ameriglo.net/sights/calculator). Hope it helps...Bru