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Big Daddy Biker
08-22-2010, 18:23
This is my first post here.
I have CT on my G19 and liked them so much I got a set for my Kimber TLE II Pro. I am little disappointed the laser hits part of the slide release.
Does anyone make a low profile release that fits this Kimber ?

08-24-2010, 19:37
As CT does OEm with Kimber ask them if they have a different slide release for use with CT lasers

09-23-2010, 23:17
The light you see hitting the take down lever is not the main beam of the laser but the what I will call splash light. This is the light that is not collumated in the main beam of the laser.

If you can't live with this, Kimber did maunfacture a takedown lever that does not have a nub on the ejection port side of the gun. (for the Crimson Carry)

You may be able to purchase one of these from Kimber.

I have two Kimbers with LG401s and it is not a operational problem with the laser.