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08-22-2010, 19:21

Bit the bullet, decided I am worth it and just ordered a TA44SG-10 1.5x16mm copmact ACOG from MIDWAYUSA. They say it is in stock and available etc. I had placed an order with ******Tactical.com 5 months ago for $650 and have had a time with them, so I cancelled my order. I'm paying $850 now but it should be here the end of this week! I never plan to spend so much $ on something like a scope again. But it will be such a cool toy.

I've been wanting this baby for my bushmaster AR and plan on doing a review on here for any curious folks, since there is limited info and availability on this particular model.


08-22-2010, 19:26
Those acogs are sweet I would love to have one. looking forward to the review.

08-23-2010, 08:05
Love my AGOG rco, but wait until you buy your first NightForce!:supergrin: Enjoy your new toy!

08-29-2010, 09:51
I looked thru a 1.5 Small Acog the other day, now I want one. I just wish they came with a mount built in. I don't really wanna spend another $100 on a mount to put it on a rail.

08-29-2010, 21:43
Update. The scope is amazing. I only thought it was bright indoors and in complete darkness...MAN! The thing is rediculously bright green outside! Target acquisition is so easy my momma can do it. So much better than a red dot. Glass is amazingly clear. The 1.5 magnification is enough for shooting to 200 yards for social purposes in my opinion and it does very well in CQB. I don't feel disadvantaged with it indoors. I think 1.5x is a good magnification for a 5.56mm carbine. Afterall, the steyr aug was designed with a 1.5x scope. Again, it's just right for a carbine.

I was able to sight it in at 25 yards last night. 3 shots all touching covered up by a penny. The target is decently easy to see at 25. I wore out shooting it and my valor 1911 before I was able to zero it at 50 yards. I have the Larue LT-105 QD mount. Highly reccomend Larue Tactical too. The scope is very impressive for rapid fire. Put the green circle on target and DUMP THE MAG! :) I imagine this is similar to a 1x red dot.

Bottome line- Trijicon ACOG TA44SG-10 is AWESOME. That is probably why it is such a hard to come by model. P.S. Green is cooler than red and yellow dots!

I plan to post photos in this thread at a future time.

Singlestack Wonder
09-12-2010, 19:19
Can you post a pic of the view thru the reticule?