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08-23-2010, 15:47
I recently did a trade on a glock at a gun show.It's a well worn 22 gen 2 but it's action was so smooth I had to have it. I did'nt look it over that great, gave the guy his 350 and went on my way. When I got home to my surprise it has an engraving of the state of georgia and it says "GA DNR Law Enforcement" on the slide. The barrel appears to be stainless, with the serial number 0052dnr, also matching the number on the slide. This is a great shooting gun, glad to own it. My question is why the stainless barrel?

08-23-2010, 16:39
If it’s a Glock original barrel I guarantee its not a stainless. My guess is the finish is wore off.
Then again, its no big deal to get somebody to engrave the original serial number on an aftermarket barrel. We do it all the time.
You got a pic of this thing? A pic will tell me for sure!

08-23-2010, 18:53
Here's the best pics I can do. The barrel also has the glock logo

08-23-2010, 20:57
Thats a Glock factory barrel, somebody removed the black finish from it.