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Mr Wasabi
08-24-2010, 10:11
Are there any differences in build quality or any other difference between the two? I've been thinking about picking up a longer barrel for my 870P for occasional hunting.


08-24-2010, 11:29
Same barrels but with different finish. In fact, The police barrels cost less then the Express barrels. The 18.5" bead sight Express matte finish that comes on the Express HD model retails from Remington for $134 but the 18.5" bead sight parkerized that comes on the 870 Police retails from Remington for $101. The 20" Express matte finish I/C choke with rifle sights retails for $155 but the 20" Parkerized Police with I/C rifle sights retails for $141. Also, you will have the magazine retaining detent ball on the barrel ring of the Police barrels but not on the Express barrels.

Before anyone replies about the Express barrels costing more then the Police barrels, please go to www.remington.com (http://www.remington.com) and down load the 2010 870 parts list and check the above prices. Did I mention they are the same barrels but with different finishes?

08-24-2010, 11:30
Checkout this thread from shotgunworld.com

It's long, but all your answers and more are there.


08-24-2010, 12:31
JB - It is long and it is wrong. The guy posted the marketing stuff from Remington, some it out of date and some is just not correct but most of it just pure marketing verbage. This happens every time the question comes up and people that know very little about these weapon go to the Remington web site and post that mess. Will not start a this -v- that thread about the verious models as it has been done over and over.

I gave you the real deal on your question. Exact same barrels but with different finishes and some have the detent ball. It even gets worse. The Special Purpose barrels will run you about $30 to $40 more then the Express barrel. They are the extact same barrel with the Exact same matte finish. Why the extra cost? Because they polish the barrel more before they apply the Matte finish. If you get the two barrels in good light you can see the difference. If that is worth $40 to you then get one of the Special Purpose barrels.

Mr Wasabi
08-24-2010, 17:42
Thanks for the replies,

My 870P is parkerized so will the matte barrel not match the receiver? Isn't the parkerized more durable? I'll probably be beating up a hunting barrel more.

08-24-2010, 19:15
All finishes can take a beating on these weapons but the parkerized protects agains rust the best and has been used on military weapons for over 100 years.

You said hunting but not what you are hunting. This would determine the barrel you would want. There are no Police barrels for the 870 longer then 20". The 20" police, parkerized with fxed I/C choke and rifle sight may be an option for you.

Jon Christopher
08-25-2010, 18:31
I purchased Remington Part #24620 at Cabelas in person. Here is what it says on the box:

"12/18" CYL Express Police Barrel"

It does have the matt finish like the express. It also has the detent. I looked at the other 7 they had and they all had the ball detent. When I got back home, I noticed that the barrel I purchased did have a much nicer smoother finish than the others they had (I went back and looked). You know how you can wipe a rag across the express finish and the rag catches all over it. This one didn't do that. Hope this helps someone out. Can't remember the price, bought other junk I didn't need also!


08-25-2010, 19:07
Strange wording as Remington does not use any such wording. The Express Model is of course matte finish and that is what you bought. However, even though the box may say 18" it is 18.5" as Remington stopped making 18" barrels a few years ago.

The word Police is used to mark the 870 parkerized model which Remington calls the 870 Police. Strange the would lable an Express barrel "police". That may be some kind of in store label you are reading. Then again I buy about 1500 Remington barrels a year but I am a parts dealer and mine come in plain boxes not in the retail packaging. They very well could be putting those words on the retail boxes as since the Freedom Group took the company over, things are not the same.

The Express barrel is in Cyl bore in a matte finish and the Police is in I/C in a parkerized finish. The reason yours has the detent ball is becuase it is made to go the 870 Express HD's and tacticals that come with the Remington tube Extension.

Jon Christopher
08-25-2010, 19:45

The above link is to an online store; I used it because they have a picture of the box with the label. Mine looked like that....look close because the pic is not that big, even in the full size version when you click on the picture.


08-25-2010, 20:14
Jon- thanks for the picture. It is sure labled that way. It of course is not a police barrel as all the police models are parkerized but the new owners apparently don't care about misleading buyers. What is also strange is that the barrel sells for $134 from Remington so I can understand the Retail on that site getting more for them. I have over 40 in stock and have them listed on Gun Broker for $112 each. My user name is on there is aippi and you can see it is that barrel. Of course mine come in a plain brown barrel box not the retail box.

Tom B
08-26-2010, 04:35
I have a newer 870P that is blue not park. I wish to purchase a longer hunting barrel that will match the finish. Would a wingmaster barrel be what I need? Would it fit my police magnum?