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Gunnut 45/454
08-25-2010, 14:47
I went out to run some loads over the chrony and while out there I ran some
AE 223 Tac over it as well as I just picked up some at Cabelas $6.95 per box!
I had shot some red box AE and wasn't to impressed with it.

Firearm: Colt HBAR 20"
Round: AE TAC 55gr FMJBT- AE223J

1. 3104 fps
2. 3066 fps
3. 3070 fps
4. 3028 fps
5. 3046 fps
6. 3045 fps
7. 3061 fps
8. 3037 fps
9. 3031 fps
10. 3049 fps

AVG FPS: 3054
ES 76.12
SD 22.62

See below target shot at 100yds- wind was quite heavy 15-20 mph! So considering not a bad group!:supergrin: This AE ammo is definately better then the red box alot more consistant in velocity!

08-25-2010, 18:20
Good to know, I just bought a bunch of it when it was on sale at a store here for $6.77 a box.

Gunnut 45/454
08-25-2010, 18:43
Yep prices are coming down and the selves are getting full again! Went looking for XM193 5.56mm all they had was .223 Rem? Solved that problem -ordered 1000 rnds online ! Had a couple of boxes but no one is getting any locally! Cause my AR definately loves the XM193!:supergrin: